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Network Information Center, Network Security and Informatization Office


The Network Information Center of Nanning Normal University is responsible for the planning, construction, performance, operation, maintenance, management and service of the school campus network and school informatization.

Under the overall goal of building a high-level normal university with distinctive regional characteristics, the Network Information Center is mainly responsible for the school informatization construction and the infrastructure construction, performance and management of the campus network. Combined with the smart campus construction project, the Network Information Center provides an advanced network environment and services for the teaching, scientific research and management of the whole school, and strives to build a comprehensive informationized digital campus.

The Network Security and Informatization Office of Nanning Normal University (hereinafter referred to as the “NSIO”) is responsible for the implementation of national information security and informatization laws, regulations, rules and policies, as well as the formulation, organization, implementation, management of construction plans, overall management of funds and infrastructure construction of the university’s network security and informatization; operation and management and the management and monitoring of school website groups and information security; digital security and information evaluation, etc.

The Network Information Center is cooperated and co-located with NSIO, and consists of the General Management Services Department, the Network Operation and Maintenance Department, the Information Resources Department, together with the Educational Technology and Equipment Management Department. In addition to network applications and information resources, the services provided also include digital school affairs, campus cards, etc.

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