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Introduction to Library


Nanning Normal University Library is comprised of four separate campus libraries: Wuming, Mingxiu, Changgang and Wuhe, with a total building area of 63,000 square meters. Taking “readers-oriented, teaching-oriented” as the motto, the library has provided a good platform for teachers and students to searching for literature and information with the aid of modern management, service concepts as well as its rich collection. It is the standing director member of Library Society of Guangxi, the co-construction units of CALIS (China Academic Library & Information System) and CASHL (China Academic Humanities and Social Sciences Library) database and the member of university libraries in Guangxi that provide inter-library loan services. By the end of 2021, the library houses a collection of 2,294,600 printed books (including those collected in the reading of all NNNU schools), 1,976,800 electronic books and 36,900 electronic periodicals. It has introduced and opened nearly 80 databases in Chinese and foreign language, such as Elsevier SD, ACS, Springer, Emerald, Sage, ProQuest Education Database, EBSCO, CNKI, VIP, Wanfang, MOOC (massive open online courses) and Duxiu. The library has also built its own database collecting teachers’ and students’ work, dissertation papers. The capacity of total volume has reached 328TB of digital resources and 40TB of storage devices. Rich kinds of literature base in printed and electronic forms guarantee all the students and teachers with academic and other resources for teaching and research, especially those teacher-education literature.


Readers-oriented, Teaching-oriented


It provides services of book lending, indoor reading, reference and consultation, inter-library loan, document delivery, reader training, document retrieval training, and also provides mobile service through e-library and official WeChat platform. The library’s opening time can add up to 105 hours within one week. The WeChat platform, mobile library, electronic resources and information retrieval system are available 24 hours.

[Organisations and Personnel]

The library consists of library office, collecting-compiling room, circulating sector, periodical sector, technology sector and reference-consulting room. There are 41 staff members, more than 90% of whom have college degree or above. They are dedicated to serving the teaching and research of the university.

[Automation and Intelligent Construction]

We give priority to the automatic and intelligent construction of the library. With the introduction of Huiwen Integrated Document Management System (HIDMS) the library set up its own local area network to manage the university literature and documents. So that all sectors in the library can manage their tasks by computers and LAN technology. HIDMS also helps to manage and share the printed literature, to work on borrowing and returning books without difficulty among the four campuses. . Then, by introducing Yuanwanggu RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) intelligent library management system, the library can provide services like self-help borrowing and returning, positioning, navigation and intelligent inventory of books. Besides, the virtual library now is under way, which will greatly improve library’s intelligent management and services.

The library now is improving service level and resource-sending ability by opening WeChat public account and building mobile library. It has been undertaking services like borrowing appointments, entrust, renew and purchase recommendation, etc. and providing online reading, mobile reading, and full text download services. The library will better its automation, networking, intelligence, so as to further improve its service level.





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