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The school hospital

The Hospital of Nanning Normal University has set up corresponding medical institutions in Mingxiu, Changgang, Wuhe and Wuming campuses, all of which have obtained the Practice License of Medical Institutions issued by Nanning Municipal Health Commission to perform medical treatments legitimately.

There are 32 professionals (including 20 on-the-job and 12 re-employed after retirement ) at present. Among them, there are 16 doctors, 11 nurses, 3 pharmacists and 2 technicians. As for the professional titles, 5 of them are associate chief physicians, 21 of them are attending physicians and 6 of them are physicians. They are assigned to the four campuses to provide medical care.

The hospital’s scope of practice include general practice, traditional Chinese medicine, general medical treatment, preventive health care and stomatology, with functional areas such as consulting room, injection room, disposal room, pharmacy, disinfection room, observation room and reference room. The hospital provides 24-hour coverage, regardless of weekends and holidays. During winter and summer vacations, it adjusts to a rotating schedule.

Its responsibilities include:

1. Taking the responsibility for the daily diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, emergency treatment and referral of critically ill patients, as well as for reporting, screening, tracking the staff and students with infectious diseases in the university, and arranging suspension and resumption of schooling for them.

2. Taking the responsibility for the health education for teachers and students, including giving students health education classes according to the educational administration and teaching arrangement every semester, publishing health publicity newspapers regularly; organizing annual physical examination for faculty and staff,  new employees and freshmen, and managing students' health records and basic medical insurance.

3. Providing medical care and ensuring epidemic prevention during various large-scale events held in the university.

4. Taking the responsibility for food hygiene and safety supervision in the canteens.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 two years ago, the hospital has taken the responsibility for collecting and reporting epidemic prevention and control information of the whole university. Under the guidance of corresponding communities whose jurisdiction the four campuses fall within, Fever Clinics and the municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the hospital manages personnel who has a temperature and come back to the campus from key regions in epidemic prevention and control, and arranges COVID-19 vaccine vaccination for staff and students and nucleic acid tests for students who come back to school from other provinces.

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