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School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship


 The School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship has 10 main functions as follows: to be responsible for the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum, and setting up the basic compulsory courses of innovation and entrepreneurship in the university; to be responsible for university’s innovation and entrepreneurship tutor team building, research of educational training and teaching; to be responsible for construction of the education system and culture of innovation and entrepreneurship; to be responsible for the China International College Students’ “Internet plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the organization, selection, training and management of various academic competitions; to organize, select, train and manage the competitions of teachers’ teaching skills; to manage training program projects of students’ innovation and entrepreneurship; to plan, build, manage and serve the practice bases of innovation and entrepreneurship; to carry out the exchanges and cooperation of innovation and entrepreneurship between university-enterprise, university-local government and bi-university; to recognize students’ innovation and entrepreneurship credits with the Academic Affairs Department, Youth League Committee and other departments; and to complete other tasks assigned by the Communist Party Committee and Administration of Nanning Normal University.

The School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship consists of Teaching and Research Department, Practice Department and General Department.

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