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School of Teacher Training


The School of Teacher Training is mainly responsible for the education training of Nanning Normal University, undertaking the relevant functions of Guangxi primary and secondary school principals’ qualification training base, Guangxi preschool, primary and secondary school faculties’ training base, and Guangxi teachers’ information teaching application and development research center. It works in the practice and research work of basic education, vocational education and higher education teachers’ continuing education professional development training. Under the leadership of the university, it has become an important base for teacher training, from southwest to the whole country, and a power and service station for regional education development.

The school has developed a professional teacher training management system, including a network training community and training management platform of “Nanning Normal University Teacher Development Center”, and equipped 35 training teams in the fields of basic education, vocational education and other disciplines. At present, the school has a total of 65 experts, including 1 from the National Expert Team on Kindergarten Teacher Training in Primary and Secondary Schools, 8 from the National Training Program of the Ministry of Education, 3 from the President of the Ministry of Education, 3 Steering Committees of Primary and Secondary School Teacher Training Experts in the Autonomous Region and 50 experts from the Autonomous Region.

The school pays attention to professional development and develops a series of international aid teacher training projects, such as the Ministry of Education-UNICEF teacher training cooperation project and Sino-British Southwest Basic Education Project. It has successively implemented national projects such as the Ministry of Education-China Mobile Western Rural Primary and Secondary School Principal Training Project, the Ministry of Education Rural Principal Assistance Project, and the Ministry of Education-Bank of China “Smart Innovate Future” Principal Training Project. The school has developed the mode of integration of training and research centralizing learning, research, doing, evaluation and guidance, a mixed mode of regional faculties, and a training mode of rural teachers’ independent professional development of “double-teacher teaching”.




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