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Logistics Division


The Logistics Division of Nanning Normal University is based on providing services for teaching, scientific research, teachers and students, taking “safety, efficiency, practicality, and convenience” as the guideline so as to actively create a “safe, green, civilized, and healthy campus”. A new logistics support service system integrating management and service has been developed, and it is fully responsible for the logistics service support of Mingxiu Campus, Changgang Campus, Wuhe Campus, and Wuming Campus of Nanning Normal University.

The Logistics Division now has more than 430 employees, providing services of university-wide catering, water and electricity supplying, sporadic infrastructure maintenance, property management, campus greening, environmental sanitation, transportation, student dormitory management, medical care, energy consumption management, and office telephone services, etc. The Logistics Division has 6 administrative departments including the General Affairs Section, the Catering Section, the Water and Electric Maintenance Section, the Property Management Section, the Student Dormitory Management Section, and the Infirmary, which comprehensively guarantee the “medical care, dietary, housing, transportation” and other aspects of teachers and students. It strives to save costs for the school by strengthening energy consumption management and trying to increase income and reduce expenditures as much as possible.

The Logistics Division closely focuses on the university’s development goal of building a high-level normal university with distinctive regional characteristics, and strives to build a high-quality service guarantee system to provide a strong support for the university’s leapfrog development.



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