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Security Division


The Security Division has 20 employees and is responsible for the security work of the university. It consists of the secretary section, security section and comprehensive section, and is responsible for university’s security prevention, public order, traffic management and fire safety management, household registration and temporary residence management, emergency response and other security and stability work.

The routine work of the Security Division includes the registration and management of visitors, daily patrols and the duty work of key areas in order to keep the university’s security and traffic in order; daily fire inspection in order to maintain the normal operation of fire facilities and equipment and eliminate safety hazards; supervision and maintenance of technical defense facilities and equipment, including video surveillance, gate access control, patrol vehicles, security equipment, etc. It also conducts emergency drills, prepares emergency facilities and is ready to deal with emergencies; it is responsible for different kinds of security work including on-site protection, test paper escort, confidential room duty, etc.; it also assists to handle daily disputes and cases.

The Committee Office for Comprehensive Management of University’s Social Security is attached to the Security Division  .

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