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Infrastructure Division


The Infrastructure Division of Nanning Normal University is set up for the university’s infrastructure construction.

Its main responsibilities include:  

1. Organizing and implementing the university’s overall capital construction plan, as well as laying and implementing the annual infrastructure construction plan according to the strategic development plan of the university;

2. Submitting construction projects for approval, as well as designing, investigating, implementing and supervising them in accordance with the university’s relevant regulations and procedures of infrastructure;

3. Taking the responsibility for the management of quality, investment and project schedule in the whole process of construction projects, the preliminary audit of project budget and settlement, and the completion acceptance and delivery procedures;

4. Sorting out, setting up, handing over and filing the bidding documents, design drawings and construction drawings of infrastructure projects;

5. Taking the responsibility for the annual count and summary of infrastructure construction, and various construction report forms as required;

6. Finishing other tasks assigned by the university.

The Infrastructure Division consists of the Construction Management Section, the Integrated Management Section and the Planning Management Section.





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