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International Affairs Division


Under the leadership of the Communist Party Committee and Administration of Nanning Normal University, the International Affairs Division is a functional department responsible for all foreign affairs of the school. It focuses on handling national foreign policies, foreign affairs policies related with education and foreign affairs of the school. It is responsible for both policies being strictly applied and administration of foreign affairs, which includes management, guidance, coordination and service. The International Affairs Division operates and is co-located with the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office, consisting of General office, Foreign Affairs Management Section and International Students’ Office. Each section functions well with cooperation of other sections to fulfill their specific responsibilities are as follows:

1. Implement the relevant foreign affairs guidelines, policies and regulations of the Communist Party of China and the country. In case of any special circumstances, timely report to the leader and the superior foreign affairs department and ask for instructions.

2. Formulate the university’s foreign affairs plans, relevant rules and regulations, and write summary reports and briefings on foreign affairs.

3. Cooperate with the Publicity Department of the Party Committee to do good work in external publicity and mass foreign affairs education; organize personnel involved in the foreign affairs to learn relevant guidelines, policies, rules and regulations, carry out the foreign affairs disciplines education, and check up the implementation of foreign affairs disciplines.

4. Formulate plans of foreign visits by the university delegation and prepare for the visits.

6. Be responsible for the application of faculty members to go abroad for meetings and academic exchanges.

7. Liaise with foreign universities, educational institutions and other units; draft and sign inter-school exchange agreements; guide and supervise the implementation of agreements.

8. Receive foreign guests to the university.

9. Be responsible for academic and educational exchanges with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as reception of visitors and the liaison of visits to other countries.

10. Review application materials of holding international academic conferences on campus.

11. Review application materials of short-term foreign and transfrontier experts to lecture on campus, and follow up the effect of academic exchanges and lectures.

12. Invite foreign experts to teach for the university, and facilitate their teaching, life and manage foreign affairs, in coordination with relevant faculties, departments and divisions.

13. Cooperate with the Human Resources Division to handle the necessary procedures for faculty members to go abroad for further studies.

14. Carry out project management, expansion and liaison of international cooperation in running schools with faculties, and accomplish project application, approval, evaluation, inspection and summary to meet with the requirements of the Office of China Ministry of Education and Department of Education of Guangxi Province.

15. Be responsible for information collecting and releasing, contact, declaration and management of foreign-related training projects and various international scientific and technological cooperation projects.

16. Be responsible for the publicity, coordination and organization of intercollegiate exchange projects.

17. Handle mails of official correspondence from abroad; be responsible for receiving, sending, safekeeping, filing foreign affairs documents and other clerical work.

18. Be responsible for the registration, management and disposing of gifts from foreign guests, as well as purchasing and presenting gifts to them in foreign affairs activities.

19. Cooperate with the administrative department off campus and relevant departments on campus to do international students management within the relative law.



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