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Financial Division


The Financial Division is the functional department for university’s financial management and supervision in the university. Under the leadership of the NNNU Party Committee and Administrators, it implements the financial guidelines, policies, laws and regulations of the Party and the country, establishes and improves the relevant financial management methods of the university, and coordinates and manages the financial work of the university.

The Financial Division has four sections: Planning Management Section, Accounting Section, Fund Management Section, and Financial Affair Office. On the basis of function, the main responsibilities of the Division includes those following aspects: to centralize the management of the university’s financial income and expenditure; to formulate and report the university’s financial budget and final accounts, and raise funds for the university’s operation; to supervise and regularly inform the university of the budget; to organize the performance evaluation of budget items; to check the university’s income and expenditure with adherence to the accounting systems and related financial systems in order to ensure the effective and safe expenditure on funds; to deal with the approval and certification procedures of fee items, levy fees in accordance with the law, and supervise collection of fees; to guide the financial budget and accounting of all independent accounting units; to save and manage all accounting files of the university; to ensure the safe operation of all financial network system. The Divison coordinates with different levels of governments, departments of finance, taxation, pricing, business administration, banks and higher authorities to provide policy consultation, service and management on invoices, receipts, taxation, fee standards, bank accounts and cash management and cooperates with the audit and inspection of economic operations. Moreover, it provides financial consulting services for students, faculty and staff of the university and completes other work assigned by higher authorities as well as the Party Committee and Administrators of the university.




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