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State-owned Assets Management Division


The State-owned Assets Management Division of Nanning Normal University, which is referred to as the SOAMD, is mainly in charge of carrying out the relevant laws, regulations, guidelines and policies of China on state-owned assets management and bidding procurement on behalf of the Nanning Normal University, formulating and organizing the university’s state-owned assets management and bidding procurement, and managing the state-owned assets of the whole university; reviewing and settling the procurement applications of various tangible or intangible assets submitted by various departments; organizing and handling  biddings of various kinds of acquisition or construction, such as goods, services and contracts of the university and so on, and managing registration and acceptance of various assets; allocating and verifying space area of common premises; organizing state-owned assets inventory, asset evaluation, and deployment and utilization of idle assets; reviewing and disposing of state-owned assets’ scraps, breakages, losses, donations, sales, leases and foreign investments; handling things related to donations of off-campus fixed asset;  investigating and settling property rights disputes; managing and operating of the university’s operative assets, and working with relevant departments to transform technological achievements and promote coordination of enterprises, university and research; getting done the affairs assigned by the university.

The division consists of the Assets Management Section and the Bidding Management Section.

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