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Graduate School(Office of Discipline Construction)


Graduate School of Nanning Normal University (Office of Discipline Construction)

Graduate school is the functional department responsible for the management of graduate education, and its main responsibilities are as follows:

1. Formulating plans for the construction of disciplines, and the development of the university’s academic degrees and graduate education according to its overall development plan.

2. Formulating the university’s construction plans for the official approval of granting doctoral degrees and for disciplines authorized to offer doctoral degrees, and supervise and evaluate the implementation of all the construction plans.   

3. According to academic degrees and the laws and regulations of postgraduate education formulated by the Ministry of Education, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council and the Autonomous Region Education Department, the Autonomous Region Academic Degrees Committee, formulating the specific details.

bmitting applications for the granting of degrees.  

5. To organize all disciplines to formulate postgraduate training programs, and guarantee the construction of postgraduate teaching and training quality system.

6. To formulate the postgraduate enrollment and catalogue of major, carry out enrollment work, and organize relative work, including registration, proposition, examination, marking, exemption recommendation, political examination, admission and other work. Also, to review the admission results of graduate students.

7. To review the plan formulated by the postgraduate training unit, and check the implementation. Be responsible for the teaching arrangement of postgraduate status and public courses; Be responsible for the curriculum construction and organize graduate students to various national competitions.

8. To urge all units to guarantee the mid-term screening, dissertation opening report, dissertation and other work, and coordinate the thesis defense for postgraduate training units.

9. To review graduate students' graduation and degree-granting qualifications, and assist the academic degree evaluation committee to guarantee the degree-granting, and issue graduation certificates and degree certificates.

10. To guarantee the distribution of postgraduate training and internship funds, and check regularly, and assist leaders to allocate discipline construction funds, and check and evaluate the use of each unit.

11. To assist the Academic Degrees Committee to the selection and assessment of postgraduate tutors.

12. Finish relative work assigned by the leaders well.

The Graduate School has 5 offices, those being offices, enrollment departments, training departments, degree offices and discipline offices.



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