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Scientific Research Management Division


The Scientific Research Management Division of Nanning Normal University is a functional institution responsible for the organization, management, coordination, guidance and service of scientific research of the university. Its main duties are: to formulate the rules and regulations for the management of scientific research in the university; to organize and implement the process management of the declaration, establishment, inspection and completion of various scientific research projects; to guide the rational use of scientific research funds; to carry out statistics, archiving, reporting and accounting for scientific research workload and awards of various achievements; to organize the declaration of various scientific research achievements at all levels; to coordinate in the specific work of binding Industry-University-Research, and to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; to administrate the university’s Social Sciences Federation and a Science and Technology Association, coordinating and managing academic groups and various academic exchange activities; to be responsible for the declaration, construction and management of scientific research platforms and first-class disciplines such as key laboratories, engineering (technology) research centers, new research and development institutions, and to complete other tasks assigned by the university.

The Scientific Research Management Division consists of three departments: the Comprehensive Office, the Social Sciences’ Section and the Natural Sciences’ Section.

The secretariats of the two academic committees of the school, the Special Committee for Scientific Research and the Special Committee on Academic Ethics, as well as the secretariat of the Association of Social Sciences and the Association for Science and Technology of the University, are subordinated to the Scientific Research Management Division. In addition, the Office of the Technology Transfer Center of Nanning Normal University is also affiliated to the Scientific Research Management Division.



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