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Academic Affairs Division


The Academic Affairs Division of Nanning Normal University is a functional division that is the center of managing undergraduate teaching of the whole university under the leadership of the vice-president. It is responsible for implementing the education policy of the Communist Party of China and providing related services such as undergraduate teaching construction, operation, research, reform, monitoring and so on. The Academic Affairs Division consists of 9 sections which are Comprehensive Office, Teaching Research Section, Project to Study and Develop Marxist Theory Management Section, Teaching Management Section, Practice Management Section, School Roll Management Section, Language & Literacy Committee, National Language and Writing Promotion Base, Institute For Higher Education; 2 cooperated and co-located institutions like Teachers’ Teaching Development Centre and Guangxi Undergraduate Education Development Institute.

The Academic Affairs Division of Nanning Normal University always adheres to the educational concept of “Walk and talk, with both good morals and intelligence”. It takes the undergraduate as the foundation (universities should take undergraduate education as the fundamental connotation), promotes “four returns” (return to general knowledge, obligation, original aspiration and dream), focuses on moral education, and forcefully promotes the construction on “four modernizations” of academic affairs, including informatization of teaching management, normalization of teaching research, foresight of teaching research and refinement of teaching quality, and makes every effort to build an innovative team of university teaching management in the new era that is “noble, responsible, qualified and unique”.



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