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Retirees Division


The Retirees Division under Nanning Normal University, as a functional department, is responsible for the service and management of retired faculty and workers under the leadership of Party Committee and administration of the university. Its main responsibilities are to implement the Party’s and the state’s policies and relevant regulations of the university, and conscientiously implement the political treatment and living condition of retired teaching staff; do well in visiting and offering condolences to retired staff during major festivals or care for and help the orphaned, elderly and extremely poor elderly when they are hospitalized; be responsible for the ideological and political guidance of retired teaching staff, pay attention to giving full play to the advantageous role of retired teaching staff, organize and mobilize retired teaching staff to actively add positive energy to the cause of the Party and the people.

The Retirees Division consists of Section of Honorable Retired Cadre Affairs and Section of Retired Staff Affairs. Until December 31, 2021, the university has 765 retired faculty members, including 11 honorable retired cadres, 754 retired faculty members and 344 retired Party members.




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