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Faculty Affairs Department and Human Resources Division of the Party Committee


Under the leadership of the Party Committee and Administration of Nanning Normal University, the Faculty Affairs Department and Human Resources Division (including Offices of Professional and Technical Titles Management, Talent Recruitment, Performance Management) fully implement the guidelines, policies and regulations of the Communist Party of China and the country on the construction of personnel, talents, and teachers group in colleges and universities. It is a functional department responsible for human resources management, and the construction of teachers’ ideology, politics and morality.

 The main function of the division is to strictly implement the laws and regulations of China and the rules of the university, aiming at pursuing the maximization of the overall interests of the university and all the staff and maintaining maximum fairness among different groups of staff. It looks to effectively strengthen the construction of agency efficiency, improve work style, pay attention to people’s livelihood, promote services, and achieve scientific management. By doing so, it guarantees enough supply of human resources for teaching, scientific research and social services. It is responsible for organizing and implementing the ideological and political education of the staff, the construction of teachers’ morality and style, and the improvement of the ideological and political quality of the talent team, planning and managing of human resources, talent introduction, staffing, and the setting of organizations and positions, making deployment, appointment, assessment, rewards and punishments of the entire school; taking care of procedures of staff recruitment, dismissal, transfer, retirement and going abroad or crossing the border; construction and development planning of teachers group, teachers’ training, selection and recommendation of various talent projects; promotion and management of professional and technical personnel; staff wages, social insurance and welfare management; undertaking the daily work of the school performance evaluation leading group; revising and improving school performance evaluation indicators and evaluation methods, supervising and inspecting the completion of performance targets of evaluation objects, carrying out annual performance evaluations, and guiding all departments and schools (including graduate school) to do performance evaluation work, etc.;  collecting information of in-service cadres and staff, managing personnel files of cadres and staff (retreated, retired and deceased staff) throughout the university for future use; completing other tasks assigned by the university.

 In 2018, Nanning Normal University established the Faculty Affairs Department of the Party Committee of Nanning Normal University. The Faculty Affairs Department and Human Resources Division of the Party Committee of Nanning Normal University are cooperated and co-located. There are Personnel Management Section, Faculty Management Section, Wage and Welfare Section, Personnel Archives Management Office, and General Office. The Talent Introduction Affairs Office, Performance Management Office, and Office of Professional and Technical Titles Management are affiliated to the Personnel Management Office.



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