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Policy & Legislation And Development Planning Division


The Policy & Legislation And Development Planning Division, as a functional department, is in charge of strategic planning, policy study, legitimacy review, providing decision-making advice. It consists of Comprehensive Section, Planning Section, Secretariat Section for Academic Committee, Office of Law Popularization, and Office of Award Committee. The Office of Arbitration Committee is attached to this divisiont.

The Policy & Legislation And Development Planning Division is mainly responsible for organizing the preparation of medium and long-term development plans, short-term plans, thematic plans and expert consultation on university development planning, coordinating and cooperating with relevant departments to formulate, adjust and revise special plans related to teaching, scientific research, subject discipline and specialty construction, faculty, teacher education and campus construction. Providing policy information for the development of the university by timely grasping and in-depth studying the national education reform and development strategy, major principles and policies of the Ministry of Education, as well as policies, laws, regulations and other normative documents related to higher education and university work, it provides opinions and suggestions for the reform, construction and development of the university by collecting, analyzing and grasping important information and trends of higher education development at home and abroad, carrying out research on important theoretical and practical subjects closely related to the development strategy of the university, managing the basic level statistical survey reports of higher education and reviewing various external data and information; reviewing the legitimacy of various rules and regulations of the university; undertaking the daily work of the academic committee and law popularization of the university; organizing or coordinating various awards of the university; and handling the arbitration application submitted by the faculty.

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