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School for Computer and Information Engineering (SCIE)


SCIE came into being on the basis of the former Department of Information Technology, which integrated the discipline of Computer Science and Technology (normal major) in former Department of Mathematics, and the discipline of Education Technology in the former Department of Physics in February 2009. And the former Department of Information Technology was established in October 2001 by merging the Computing Center (established in April 1994), the Audio-visual Education Center (established in 1979), and the Network Center (established in August 1997) aiming to develop majors in IT field. In November 2016, Sugon Big Data College (SBDC) came into being on the basis of one of SCIE’s major of computer science and technology and was approved as the co-construction specialty of the first batch of pilot colleges and universities of the project digital China “Hundred School Project”. Then, SCIE and SBDC were united with both the names of SCIE and SBDC.

On the basis of its striking specialty of information and technology engineering education and following its motto “High Aspirations and Down to Earth”, SCIE will try its best in its educational practice to train a kind of innovative, applied and  interdisciplinary professionals who are responsible for the nation and fit for basic education, vocational education and able to serve the development of the economic society.

SCIE currently has 56 teachers in aggregate, among whom 28 are with the title of professor or associate professor, 2 are doctorate academic supervisor, 21 are master academic supervisor, 5 have the experience of teaching or studying abroad. It has 1 Bagui Scholar for Guangxi Colleges and University, 1 scholar as the secondary  candidate for the New Century Ten Hundred and Thousand Talent Project, 1 with the National May 1st Labor Medal, 2 with the Award for Guangxi Youth of Science and Technology Development, 1 with Guangxi Youth May 4th Medal, 1 with the title of Excellent Teacher in Guangxi Colleges and Universities, 1 with the title of the May 4th Model for the Youth of Guangxi and 1 teaching team with the honor of Excellent Teaching Team in Guangxi. In short, SCIE has a vigorous and well-organized teaching and research team, which is mainly consisted of professors and professionals with doctor degree.

Since 2017, the students of SCIE have won 277 national or provincial awards in various competitions concerning with its majors. Among the 277 awards, 38 are national, such as the first prize in "Lanqiao Cup" National Software and Information Technology Professionals Competition, the second prize in National College Students' Mathematical Modeling Competition, the first prize in the Teaching Skill Competition among the Students in Guangxi Normal Universities, the championship in the Guangxi Qualification Trial for China "Internet plus" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and so on. In addition, SCIE students have won 52 patents for utility model and software copyright registration.

Meanwhile, the ratio of the employment of the SCIE graduates keeps high and steady, and many of the graduates are employed by some national well-known companies, such as Huawei, Tencent, NetEase, Guangxi Mobile, Asiainfo, LvMeng, Vivo and so on. In addition, the ratio of its undergraduates who have been enrolled as graduates is also increasing year by year.

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Computer Science and   Technology

(Vocational Teachers)

Educational Technology

Modern Educational   Technology

Data Science and Big Data   Technology

Computer Software and   Theory (Natural Science)

Software Engineering

Computer Application   Technology (Natural Science)

Educational Technology

(for normal education)



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