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School of Elementary Education


The history of the School of Elementary Education of Nanning Normal University can be traced back to 1905, with a century-long history of primary school teacher training. In 2003, the former Guangxi Nanning Normal College for Nationalities was merged into Nanning Normal University (formerly as Guangxi Teachers Education University) and formed the current School of Elementary Education. In 2004, it enrolled the first batch of undergraduate students majoring in elementary education, and in 2013, it began to enroll full-time postgraduate students of elementary education, which is the first second-level school in Guangxi to recruit undergraduate and postgraduate students majoring in elementary education. The initial employment rate of graduates every year is more than 90%.

The School of Elementary Education has adhered to the practice of “One school, one major” and has achieved outstanding results. Elementary school education major is one of the first group passing the Ministry of Education’s ordinary colleges and universities secondary certification in teachers’ specialized majors. It is a first-class undergraduate major of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, among the first batch of characteristic majors and curriculum integration construction projects of Guangxi colleges and universities, together with the first batch of advantageous characteristic undergraduate majors of Guangxi colleges and universities, advantageous characteristic majors of Guangxi teacher education, and the demonstration major of Guangxi Innovation and entrepreneurship education reform.

The school has 7 national and provincial quality courses such as national first-class undergraduate courses and national quality resource sharing courses, 7 second prizes in national teaching achievement and special prizes in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region level teaching achievement, 2 Guangxi Social Science Outstanding Achievement Awards, and 2 National Social Science Foundation projects. It was once rated as “Model Collective of National Ethnic Unity and Progress” and “Advanced Collective of Ethnic Language Work” in Guangxi.

More than 60% of the full-time faculty members of the school have master’s and doctoral degrees and senior titles. A number of faculty members are professionals certifying teachers' specialized majors for Ministry of Education’s ordinary colleges and universities, supervisors of the people's government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and members of the Guangxi Basic Education Teaching Steering Committee, etc.

The majors enrolled in junior and undergraduate degrees are: general undergraduate major in elementary education, major in elementary education (rural general subject), and major in elementary education (bilingual direction of Zhuang and Han). Post graduate students are enrolled majoring in Elementary Education (Full-time Master of Education).

   Specialty Information


Postgraduate   (Professional)

                                              Primary School Education

                                                ( normal education)

                                                 Primary School Education

(   Primary Chinese, Primary Mathematics, Primary English, Primary Arts, 

Primary  PE, Primary Ideological and Political)

                                             Primary School Education

                                            Primary School Education

                                     (Chinese  and Zhuang languages)



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