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School of Foreign Languages


The School of Foreign Languages was founded in 1978 in the Foreign Languages Department of Guangxi Normal University. In January 2009, the Foreign Languages Department of Guangxi Normal University and the Foreign Language Teaching Department of the University established the School of Foreign Languages.


The right to confer bachelor degree was allowed in 1978. Now, we have four undergraduate majors: English, Business English, Translation and Japanese.

In 2011, we became batch of the first units in Guangxi to confer master degree in foreign language and literature, and "English Language and Literature" was a key subject at the autonomous region level. In 2010, we began to recruit master's degree students in English education; In 2018, we obtained a master's degree in Translation and Interpreting..

Major Construction

As one of the two outstanding majors in the autonomous region, English major has passed the second-level certification of normal major of the Ministry of Education; In 2021, the English major was selected as the national first-class undergraduate major construction site. In the same year, the business English major came the second place in the comprehensive evaluation of the major (business English) in Guangxi colleges and universities; English major group has won the construction project of advantageous specialty (group) in universities of the autonomous region.

Curriculum Construction

"Middle School English Teaching Design" was rated as a national excellent resource sharing course in 2016, which is one of the top-three courses in China. The course was selected on the i-Course and Xuexiqiangguo (An online-learning application for all members of CPC and the Chinese people). In 2020,It was rated as the first batch of national first-class undergraduate courses.

Teaching Staff

The Teacher Education Teaching and Research Section of the school won the honor of "National May Day Women's Model Post", and we have excellent teacher education teams and innovation and entrepreneurship teaching teams at the autonomous region level; One person won the May Day Labor Medal in Guangxi, one person was rated as the famous teacher in Guangxi’s universities, and one person was regarded as prominent teacher at autonomous region level.

Teaching and research

We have dozens of national social science projects, humanities and social science projects of the Ministry of Education, philosophical and social projects of Guangxi and educational reform projects of autonomous regions. And we have won the second and third prizes of teaching achievements from the Ministry of Education and autonomous region level and more than ten prizes of Guangxi Philosophy and Society Achievement Awards.

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