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School of Law and Sociology


The predecessor of the School of Law and Sociology was the Department of Political Education established in 1978 and began to enroll undergraduate students in 1979. In 1995, the Department of Political Education was renamed as the Department of Political Economy. In June 2004, it was renamed as School of Law and Business. In January 2008, it was changed as the School of Law and Politics, and in January 2019, it was renamed as the School of Law and Sociology.

There are 52 faculty members in the school, including 45 full-time teachers and 7 administrative and teaching assistants. The faculty has a reasonable structure of titles, ages, academic edges and certificates. Among the full-time teachers, there are 9 professors (including researchers), 15 associate professors, 14 lecturers; 30 teachers have doctoral degree, 14 have master’s degree, 11 have overseas learning experience, and 21 are double-professional teachers. Presently, there are 818 full-time undergraduate students and 144 master’s degree students.

The School of Law and Sociology consists of the Department of Social Work, the Department of Law, and the Department of History. There are three undergraduate majors: social work, law, and history. The school has two authorized programs for master’s degree in the first-level discipline (Law and Sociology), and three authorized programs for professional master’s degree (master’s degree of social work, Master of Law, and Master of Education in Discipline Teaching [History]).

Adhering to the school motto of “Understanding Mortality, Judging Law, Thinking before Action”, the school has carefully built a comprehensive training carrier, respected the development of students’ individuality, actively explored the path of students’ success, and cultivated a large number of high-quality applied talents for the development of national education, social governance and the construction of a society under the rule of law.


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