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College of Fine Arts and Design


 The College of Fine Arts and Designwas established in 2004 on the basis of integrating seasoned teachers of the Arts Guidance Center of Guangxi Teachers Education University and the Arts Faculty of Nanning Normal School for Nationalities. In 2009, the Arts Faculty was renamed the Arts College. In 2012, with the development of the Arts College, it was divided into two schools: the College of Artistic Design and the College of Music and Dance. In 2019, the College of Artistic Design was renamed the College of Fine Arts and Design.

The College of Fine Arts and Design is an authorized unit of the first-level discipline degree of the Master of Fine Arts. There are postgraduates (academic masters, professional masters), undergraduates and students upgrading from junior college to university (3+2 mode: 3 years at the junior college level and 2 years at the undergraduate level). The Master of Fine Arts includes two fields of “fine arts” and “design arts”. The research of fine arts includes three directions: the Creation and Research of Chinese Painting (including calligraphy), the Creation and Research of Western Painting, and the Art Education and Research of Ethnic Minority Areas. The research of design arts also includes three directions: the Research of Digital Media Art, National Decorative Art Design, and the Research of National Crafts Design. The College has a Master of Education Subject Teaching (arts) and other directions. Undergraduate education offers 6 majors: Fine Arts (Normal), Calligraphy, Visual Communication Design, Fashion Design, Environmental Art Design, and Animation. There are more than 1,500 full-time students from all over China. The number of staff is 59, among which 46 are full-time teachers, including 19 senior titles, 14 doctors (including doctoral candidates), 13 master tutors, 4 members of the Chinese Artists Association, 1 member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, and 1 vice-chairman of the Guangxi Watercolor Association. The college has fully functional teaching venues and facilities: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region level workstation for Guangxi traditional craft, fine arts and design teaching building, art gallery, computer room for digital art, photography and camera laboratory, movie and television animation laboratory, a printmaking laboratory, picture-mounting room, ethnic crafts and fashion design laboratory, visual communication design laboratory, advertising design studio, new media art studio, calligraphy seal cutting studio, and ceramic training room, etc.

The College of Fine Arts and Design adheres to the educational concept of “Strive for Virtue and Knowledge, Pursue for Beauty and Art”. With the integrative development of talent cultivation, scientific research, social services, cultural inheritance and innovation, it strives to cultivate the builders and successors with patriotism, aesthetic literacy, innovative spirit, and superb skills for socialist aesthetic education with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

                    Specialty Information


 Postgraduate(   Professional

                                     Research of Fine Arts

                                      ( normal education)

                                                       Discipline Teaching (Art)

                              Visual Communication Design


                                  Environmental Design

                                                              Art  and Design

                               Fashion and Clothing Design

                                                    Vocational  Education( Cultural Art)






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