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The College of Music and Dance


The College of Music and Dance was established in 2004 on the basis of integrating the Art Guidance Center of Guangxi Teachers Education University and the Music and Arts Teaching Research Office of the former Nanning University for Nationalities. In 2009, the Arts Faculty was renamed as college of Arts. In 2012, with its development, it was divided into two schools: School of Music and Dance and School of Artistic Design, and then the School of Music and Dance was formally established. In December 2018, it was renamed as School of Music and Dance of Nanning Normal University. In September 2019, the School of Music and Dance was relocated to the newly-built Wuming campus in Nanning, Guangxi.

The College of Music and Dance is authorized to the first-level discipline degree for the Master of Fine Arts (MFA). There are postgraduates, undergraduates and students who are upgrading from junior college to university (3+2 mode: 3 years at the junior college level and 2 years at the undergraduate level). The college offers 3 majors for master degree students which include Subject Teaching in music, Vocational and Technical Education in music and Master of Fine Arts. It offers 2 majors for undergraduates, including Musicology and Dancology. The school now has a total enrollment of 1122 undergraduates and postgraduates. It boasts 44 full-time teachers, including 9 teachers with senior professional title, 12 with deputy senior professional title, 5 doctors, 8 prospective PhD teachers, 28 masters, and 13 master supervisors. The school has the Guangxi Minority Research Center and the Modern Folk Music Creation and Training Center. Now it has fully functional modern teaching facilities such as: music and dance teaching building, music performance hall, concert hall, showroom for Guangxi minority distinctive instruments, academic lecture hall, innovative training room for ethnic instruments, 332 piano rooms, MIDI music production training room, recording creation training room, electronic organ training room, guzheng classroom, percussion classroom, tuning room, choral training room, dance classroom, and multimedia classroom, etc. With these teaching facilities, the school boasts remarkable teaching achievements and distinctive characteristics of school-running.

The undergraduate major of Musicology aims to cultivate inter-disciplinary talents of basic education teachers and social art workers with the basic theories, knowledge and skills in music. The undergraduate major of Dancology aims to cultivate inter-disciplinary talents with good professional and humanistic quality who are competent for basic dance teaching, social art work and scientific research in dance. In recent years, fruitful achievements have been made in the College of Music and Dance in teaching and scientific research, professional competitions, artistic practice and so on.

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