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School of Environment and Life Sciences


Established in May 2014, the School of Environment and Life Sciences offer three majors: Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering and Bioscience (teacher- training education). Among them, bioscience is a first-class construction project for undergraduate major granted by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The school has master’s programs of Discipline Teaching (Biology) and first-class academic master program for environmental science and engineering. The school has 42 faculty members, 31 of which are full-time teachers, including 6 with senior professional titles, 9 with deputy senior professional titles and 26 with doctoral degrees.

The school is endowed with collaborative education platforms for resources and environment at provincial level, the advantageous major groups for resources and environment at provincial level, joint training base for postgraduates in innovation and entrepreneurship education at provincial level and discipline teaching (Biology) major, and the first-class undergraduate courses at provincial level. The school is one of the carrier units of “small highland of soil pollution and ecological restoration talents in Guangxi”, as well as the leading unit of Collaborative Innovation Center (Cultivation) for Ecological Environment and Integrated Development in Xijiang River Basin, Guangxi. In 2012, it was awarded the title of “Prevention and Remedy Base for Guangxi Heavy Metal Soil Pollution”.

Based on serving for local economy and society development, the school plays an important role in discipline construction, scientific research, talent training, etc. The school possesses members of the National Supervisory Committee for the University Curriculum of Biology, a vice chairman of the Provincial Supervisory Committee for the University Curricula of Bioscience and Bioengineering, a member of the first Biology Teaching Guidance Committee for Curriculum Reform of High Schools in the autonomous region, a member of the Special Committee on Environment and Resources of Guangxi People’s Congress , and an evaluation expert in the right of sea utilization in Guangxi, and soil expert, environmental emergency expert, environmental assessment expert and other experts of ecological environment in Guangxi. It has formed a certain social influence in the fields of regional environment, low-carbon development and carbon emission trading, the impact of heavy metal pollution on human health, cave biology in karst areas of Guangxi, karst ecosystem of Guangxi, biology teaching and research in middle schools, etc. In recent years, the school has obtained 10 national projects, 17 provincial and ministerial projects, 12 departmental projects and nearly 70 horizontal projects. The total vertical scientific research funds in place are over 6 million RMB, and the total funds in place for various horizontal projects are over 17 million RMB.

The school has achieved great successes in talent training. Its students have made great achievements in academic competitions with more than 50 national awards in the National College Students’ Life Science Competition and the National Normal Students’ Skill Competition. The annual admission rate of the school’s students to the postgraduate entrance examination comes at the top of the university. The passing rate of teachers’ qualification exam for the teacher-training students is more than 80% and the annual employment rate is more than 90%. The graduates are highly praised by the employers and became the backbone of the employers.

                                   Specialty Information



                                                      Biological Science

                                                    ( normal education)

                                             Discipline Teaching   (Biology)

                                                    Environmental Science

                                               Environmental Engineering





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