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Officially established in 1978, the School of Geography & Planning(SGSP) consists of the Department of Geographical Science, the Department of Natural Geography, the Department of Urban-rural Planning, the Department of Geographic Information Science, and the Geography Experimental Teaching Center. The School has 4 undergraduate majors in geographical science, natural geography and resource environment, human geography and urban-rural planning, and geographic information science. The major of Geographical Science is the first-class undergraduate major at the national level. The major of Geographic Information Science and the major of Human Geography and Urban-rural Planning are the first-class undergraduate majors at the provincial level. The major of Geographic Science has passed the grade-2 professional certification for teacher-training major by the National Ministry of Education. The school has a master’s degree authorization point in a first-level discipline of Geography. Academic postgraduate students with 4 directions including natural geography, human geography, cartography and geographic information system, and regional environmental science, as well as professional postgraduate students in discipline teaching (Geography) are enrolled. Geography, a first-rate discipline in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was in the top 30% of the “2021 Best Chinese Subjects Ranking”, ranking the 24th .

Nanning Normal University has Key Laboratory of Environment Change and Resources Utilization in Beibu Gulf granted by the Ministry of Education, Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Intelligent Simulation granted by Guangxi, International Joint Laboratory of Ecology and Remote Sensing, Guangxi Research Center of Big Data Technology Engineering for Landmark Crop, and Beibu Gulf Research Center for Smart Marine Ranch Engineering. The School has held more than 30 international conferences such as China-ASEAN Geography Forum. It has 100 odd full-time teachers, including 26 professors, 31 associate professors. Among them, 62 are master’s supervisors.

The main characteristic research fields of the school include Karst landform, watershed system science, spatial planning of national land, ecological remote sensing, and intelligent marine ranch, etc. In the past five years, the school has obtained more than 50 national research projects, including the National Key Research and Development Program, and more than 60 provincial and ministerial level projects. In total, the school has undertaken more than 200 projects entrusted by various localities, such as territorial spatial and ecological restoration planning, with an investment of 120 million yuan; it has received more than 20 scientific research awards above the provincial and ministerial level. The “Research on Karst Human-Terrestrial System” won the first prize of the Ministry of Education’s Excellent Achievement Award for Scientific Research in Higher Education (Humanities and Social Sciences Award).

Undergraduate majors: Geographic Science, Geographic Information Science, Human Geography and Urban and Rural Planning, Natural Geography and Resource Environment, four-year degree, the degree of Bachelor of Science conferred.

Master’s programs: Physical Geography, Human Geography, Cartography and Geographic Information System, Regional Environment, three-year program, Master’s Degree of Science conferred; Discipline Teaching (Geography), two-year program, Master’s Degree of Education conferred.

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Geographical Science

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Physical Geography

Discipline Teaching   (Geography)

Earth Information Science

Human Geography

Human Geography &   Urban and Rural Planning

Cartology and Geography   Information System

Physical Geography and   Resources Environment

Regional Environmental   Studies

Geographical Science

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