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School of Natural Resources and Surveying


The School of Natural Resources and Surveying now has three undergraduate majors: land resources management, surveying and mapping engineering and real estate development and management. There are more than 800 full-time students. It has a master’s degree authorized point for the first level discipline of public management and a master’s degree authorized point for the second level discipline of land resource management. The number of full-time postgraduates has exceeded 50.

The school has 39 faculty members, including 31 full-time teachers; among them there are 8 professors, 9 associate professors and 15 lecturers; There are 15 teachers with doctoral degree, 2 doctoral candidates and the proportion of full-time teachers with doctoral degree reaches about 50%. Among the full-time teachers, there are 11 masters’ tutors. 3 candidates have been selected in the “Training Program for Thousands of Young and Middle-aged Backbone Teachers in colleges and universities in Guangxi”, and 3 teachers have been to high-level academic institutions in Britain and the United States as visiting scholars (one been awarded an overseas post-doctoral degree). There are 16 “double-position” teachers such as land appraisers, real estate appraisers, registered surveyors, registered urban, rural planners, engineers and so on.

The school has Class A Qualification for Land Planning, Class B Qualification for Mineral Resources Planning and Class B Qualification for Surveying and Mapping Engineering. It is a participant in the land remediation project of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources and has the qualification for planning, designing and budgeting. The major of Land Resource Management was launched in 1994 and began to recruit postgraduates in 2004. It is the earliest and most influential major of Land Resource Management in Guangxi. The specialty was approved as a high-quality specialty in Guangxi Universities in 2006, a national characteristic specialty in 2000, a characteristic specialty and curriculum integration construction project in Guangxi Universities in 2011, and a key discipline in Guangxi in 2013. The major of Land Resource Management was awarded the first-class undergraduate major construction in Guangxi in 2019. The major of Surveying and Mapping Engineering was awarded the undergraduate major construction in Guangxi in 2021.

The school actively serves the local economic and social development and carries out scientific and technological research. It has mainly carried out scientific research work for local governments, such as land spatial planning, land grading and benchmark land price evaluation, basic farmland delimitation, cadastral survey, land conservation and intensive utilization evaluation, island protection planning, marine main functional area planning and so on, which have been highly praised by local governments. In recent years, the school has obtained more than 50 scientific research projects with more than 2.4-million-yuan project fund, including 7 projects of National Natural Science Foundation, 4 Guangxi philosophy and social science planning projects, 3 Guangxi Science Foundation projects and dozens of prefecture-level projects; more than 160 local service projects have been approved, with more than 49-million-yuan project fund. It has won 1 second prize and 1 third prize of Guangxi scientific and technological progress award, 6 scientific research awards such as Guangxi social science excellent achievement award; and published more than 120 academic papers (including 40 odds in core journals) and 8 monographs in various presses.

Looking forward to the future, the School of Natural Resources and Surveying will take talent training as the goal and discipline construction as the leader, focus on the construction of teaching staff, deepen the reform of teaching and management mechanism, improve the quality of education and teaching and scientific research, constantly enhance the ability to serve local economic and social development. It will be built into an applied and innovative School of Natural Resources and Surveying with distinctive characteristics, to take the lead in the autonomous region and have a certain influence in China.

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Land Resource Management

Land Resource Management

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