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Enrollment Brochure of Full-Scholarship for Overseas Students from ASEAN Countries Granted by Guangxi Government and Sponsored by NNNU


Enrollment Brochure of Full-Scholarship for Overseas Students from ASEAN Countries Granted by Guangxi Government and Sponsored by NNNU

Nanning Normal University is located in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Its previous title was called Guangxi Teacher Training College founded in 1953. With the approval of the State Council in December 1978, it became a full-time normal college enrolling ordinary undergraduates in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. In 1998, the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council authorized it to enroll MA postgraduates. In 2013, it was approved as the newly added construction unit to issue doctoral degree in Guangxi. On November 30, 2018, the Ministry of Education approved the new name of Nanning Normal University. In 2010, with the approval of Guangxi Department of Education,the university was authorized to recruit students from Guangxi Government ASEAN Scholarship. In 2015, approved by the Ministry of Education, the university began to recruit overseas students with Chinese government scholarships. In 2021, it became the quality certification school of higher Education of China Education Association for International Exchange.

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Enrollment Category:

1. 2 postgraduate students, recommended by the Consulate General of Vietnam in Nanning, and admitted by Nanning Normal University;

2. 13 Undergraduate students, including two recommended by the consulate general of Vietnam in Nanning, one recommended by the Cambodian Ministry of Education, one by the Consulate General of Cambodia in Nanning, one recommended by the Lao Ministry of Education, one by the Chinese embassy in Laos, seven recruited by Nanning Normal University independently. Our university will make strict assessment and enroll those who are outstanding;

3. 10 foreign students to learn Chinese recommended by Lao National University and admitted by our university.

Application Requirement:

1. Applicants must be citizens of ASEAN countries, physically and mentally healthy;

2. Applicants must be friendly to China, willing to abide by the Chinese laws and regulations and the rules and regulations of Nanning Normal University, and respect the social customs and habits of the Chinese people.

3. Applicants applying for advanced Chinese education must have a high school certificate or above (or equivalent) under the age of 25 (by August 31,2024).

4. Applicants for undergraduates must be high school graduates (or equivalent), well-performed and with the score of the Chinese proficiency test (HSK) reaching level 4 (a total of no less than 180) or above. Applicants can apply for one year of Chinese language study if fail to meet above requirements. After the Remedial Chinese Language Studies is completed, applicants must take the HSK test, and those who have achieved the above-mentioned requirements in HSK can be transferred to relevant faculties for professional studies. Age: 25 and below (by August 31,2024).

5. Applicants who apply for a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent, good academic performance with the score of the Chinese proficiency test (HSK) reaching level 4 (a total of no less than 180) or above. Applicants can apply for one year of Chinese language study if fail to meet above requirements. Age: 35 and below (by August 31,2024).

6. Applicants should have not been awarded any other Chinese government scholarships at the same time.

Enrollment Major:

Please refer to the Guide for International Students in 2024(Annex 1) to choose  major.

Guangxi government scholarship programs for ASEAN countries:

1. Free of registration fee, tuition fee and on-campus accommodation fee;

2. Provide basic monthly living expenses;

3. Provide comprehensive medical insurance for international student with the scholarship of Guangxi Government and ASEAN countries.

4. In addition to the above expenses, other expenses (including but not limited to visa fee, residence permit application fee, physical examination fee, international travel fee, water and electricity fee, Internet fee, etc.) shall be borne by the students themselves.

Application Method and Materials Required (in triplicate)

1. Application Form for Scholarship for ASEAN Students (Full Scholarship) filled in Chinese or English and affixed with the photo of the applicant (see Annex 2);

2. Both the photocopy and the electronic scanned copy of a valid passport;

3. Notarized highest academic certificate and transcript. Other foreign languages other than Chinese and English shall be notarized by the notary office in Chinese or English (which can be notarized at the notary office of the Chinese Embassy in the local area);

4. Study and research plan in China (not less than 200 words, written in Chinese or English);

5. Both the photocopy and the electronic scanned copy of HSK score certificate (if available);

6. A copy of the physical examination form for foreigners within 6-month valid period (6 months before June 30,2024 of the application year) (see Annex 3). This form is uniformly printed by the Chinese Health and Quarantine Department.The applicants must go through all the items strictly in accordance with the foreigner’s physical examination form. The forms with any missing items, without personal photos or cross seal on the photos or without the signature and seal of doctors and hospitals are invalid.

Deadline for Registration and Application:

Before June 30,2024, the applicant must mail all the above paper and electronic application materials (in quadruplicate) to the International Affairs Division of Nanning Normal University.

Admission Notice and Registration

1. Nanning Normal University will review the application materials of all applicants and submit the admission list and relevant application materials to the Department of Education of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region for approval.

2. Nanning Normal University will send the JW 202 Visa Application Form) and the Admission Notice to the students from July to August to apply for a visa to China.

3. September is the click-in time (the specific date is subject to the notice). Students should come to Nanning Normal University for registration by themselves. If the reception at the airport or station is needed, the expenses will be borne by the students.

Contact Information:

Address: Office No.107, Foreign Language Building, Nanning Normal University, No.175, East Mingxiu Road, Nanning, China

Postcode: 530001

URL: gjc.nnnu.edu.cn

Email : admission @ nnnu.edu.cn

Contact: Mr. CAI

Tel.: + 86-771-3908664


1.Programs guide for international students of Nanning Normal University in 2024 (see the table below)

2.Application Form of Guangxi Government Scholarship for ASEAN Students(click to download)

3. Physical Examination Form for Foreigners (click to download)

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