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Archives of Nanning Normal University


Archives of Nanning Normal University grew out of the Documentary Archives established in May 1985, which was renamed as the Comprehensive Archives in 1990, as the Archives of Guangxi Teacher Education University in 2017, and finally as present name in 2018. After more than 30 years of development, there are two comprehensive archives (Nanning Normal University and the former Nanning Normal College for Nationalities), with all kinds of archives of this university since its establishment in 1953. It consists of 9532 volumes which are composed of 233,078 files as the storage units. There are 13 categories of archives, including the Party and the masses, administration, teaching, scientific research, finance and accounting, infrastructure, equipment, production and scientific and technological development, publishing, foreign affairs, audio and video, physical objects and electronics. The archive has 7 full-time staff members, including 1 curator, 1 deputy curator and 5 librarians. Among 7 members, 1 is with doctor degree, 5 with bachelor degree and 1 graduate candidate. The Archives is a unit directly attached to NNNU. It undertakes the tasks of selecting, sorting out, authenticating, counting and keeping various kinds of archival materials. It also serves the public, compiles the yearbook of this university and does some relevant research work. In short, keeping files is a sacred duty of the Archives for the Party and state.

Since its establishment, the Archives has made some progress in various fields under the leadership of the University Party Committee and its administration and with the support and help of all other units and departments of this school.

In recent years, the Archives has been awarded for its excellent work several times in the annual quality inspection of archived files organized by the Archives Bureau of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. In the archives administrative law enforcement inspection organized by the Archives Bureau of the Autonomous Region in 2021, the Archives of NNNU won the only first prize among the inspected units in Guangxi. All these awards indicate that the work of the Archives is qualified and competent.

Archives of NNNU boasts a long history and it has a rich collection. Welcome the public and the teachers and students of NNNU to consult relevant archival files.




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