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Student Affairs & Military Department(Student Affair Office, Student Financial Aid Center)


Under the leadership of the NNNU Party Committee, Student Affairs & Military Department(Student Affair Office, Student Financial Aid Center) are the functional and administrative departments based on fostering students’ virtue through education and focusing on cultivating talents. The two departments fully implement the Party’s education policy and provide quality services for the overall development of students through extracurricular activities, the daily ideological and political education and affair management as the means. They are responsible for the overall planning, supervision and coordination of the daily education, management and services of all postgraduate and undergraduate students, researching major issues of students’ work, drafting important rules and regulations of students’ work, assessing, rewarding and punishing the relevant students, and completing other work assigned by the Party Committee and administrators of the university. The Department is composed of Department (Division) Office, Ideological and Political Education Section, Student Affair Management Section, Student Financial Aid Center, Mental Health Education and Counseling Center, Yi-ban Student Development Center, Comprehensive Section of the Military Affair Department, Postgraduate Student Affair Section, etc. The working range consists of daily ideological and political education, student rewards and financial aid, mental health education, counselor and head teacher-team construction, class construction, safety and civilization education, student discipline handling, Yi-ban workstation construction, national defense education and military recruitment, etc.

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