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The Publicity Department


The Publicity Department implements the propaganda route and general policies of the new era and carries out all the work around the central task of the university under the leadership of the NNNU Party Committee. Its major work is to manage the work of ideology, news and public opinions and campus culture and take the lead in coordinating the ideological and political work, and the moral civilization construction of the whole university. According to the Regulations of the Communist Party of China on Publicity Work and the actual situation of the higher education institutes, the responsibilities of the Publicity Department are: to implement the party’s general and specific policies, and decisions and arrangements for publicity work and to formulate important policies and career development plans for publicity work of the university; to coordinate the ideological and political work of the whole school, organize and coordinate the daily supervision and inspection of the implementation of the ideological work responsibility system, and carry out special inspections in combination with surveillance and inspection tours; to guide, coordinate and organize the study of ideological and political theory of the university, and organize the theoretical research; to guide and coordinate the news publicity and public opinion guidance of the university, undertake the construction task of the university’s media platform and communication means, guide and manage the construction, operation and maintenance of campus media; to guide the monitoring, analysis, judgment and handling of public opinion of the university; to build up a campus culture system; to guide the construction of socialist core values of the university, organize and guide the ideological and moral construction and ideological and political work of the university, and promote mass activities to cultivate spiritual civilization.

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