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General Office of Administration/Party Committee


The General Office of Administration/Party Committe of Nanning Normal University (referred to as "two Offices") are comprehensive offices of the Party Committee and administration of the university. The university affairs supervision office is affiliated with the two Offices.

The main functions of the two Offices are to deal with main works in universities, actively play the roles of staff assistant of university leaders, information hub of university, comprehensive coordination of departments, supervision and inspection of decision-making, etc., and to serve leaders, grass-roots units, teachers and students, and do a good job in management and service.

The two Offices are mainly responsible for the university party Committee, administrative comprehensive affairs and official document circulation, the external liaison work at the university level, the comprehensive coordination and conference work of major activities and important works (meetings) of the university, the organization of major university activities and the arrangement of important internal and external activities of university leaders. And we also draft the working plans, summaries, important documents and important speeches of university leaders, handle letters and visits-arrangement, and deal with information disclosure, submission and release at the university level, and the national security and confidentiality. Moreover, the two Offices are also responsible for handling disputes between the parties and the university in conjunction with the relevant departments of the university, coordinating and supervising the implementation of comprehensive affairs of each campus, supervising and inspecting the implementation of higher-level documents, university party committees, administrative decision-making arrangements and important instructions of school leaders by all units in the university, and completing the affairs assigned by higher authorities and the university.

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