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Vocational and Technical Education School


Vocational and Technical Education School was established in May 2014 in order to actively adapt to the urgent needs of the rapid development of economy, society and vocational education in our region..

The Public Teaching Department of Vocational Normal Education is located in our School, which is mainly responsible for coordinating the teaching, curriculum and teaching team construction of the public courses of vocational normal education in the whole school.

In December 2015, "China-ASEAN Vocational Education Research Center" and "Guangxi Vocational Education Development Research Center" (hereinafter referred to as "Double Centers") awarded by the Education Department of the Autonomous Region settled in the School and co-located with the School.

The "Double Center" mainly undertakes the tasks of vocational education consultation, vocational education development, vocational education reform and practice, achievement promotion, teacher training, international exchange and cooperation in vocational education, etc.

Guangxi Institute of Integration of Production and Education was established in July 2021. The Institute relies on vocational and technical education colleges, accepts the direct guidance of Guangxi Development and Reform Commission and Guangxi Education Department in business. We are committed to the research on the integration of production and education, focusing on the key issues of integration of production and education and school-enterprise cooperation, theoretical exploration, providing consulting solutions, sharing best practice cases, promoting high-quality teaching resources, creating and sharing research results, deepening the strategy of integration of production and education in Guangxi, building a new pattern of integration of production and education in Guangxi, and promoting Guangxi's high-quality economic development.

Now, the school has an undergraduate major in digital media technology, a full-time academic major in vocational education and a master's degree in education (vocational and technical education). Adhere to the motto of "respecting morality; being practical; doing good", the teaching style of "thinking well, doing well and loving students" and the study style of "understanding, respecting skills and doing well", we devotes ourselves to serving and leading regional vocational education.

After continuous practice and exploration, we have initially formed its own school-running characteristics, and have become a vocational education base integrating research, consultation, teaching, training and achievement promotion, which has certain influence in the region and even the whole country.

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