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 Founded in December 2007, the School of International Education of Nanning Normal University, formerly the Chinese Language Teaching Center for International Students and the Southeast Asian Language and Cultural Center established in 1985, is located in the Mingxiu Campus, No.175 East Mingxiu Road, Nanning.

With language teaching as the basis, academic education as the main work, Chinese-foreign joint education as the background, and social needs as the guidance, the school enrolls both Chinese and foreign students, aiming to train senior specialized talents with practical, inter-disciplinary, innovative and internationalized characteristics.

For Chinese students, we offer full-time undergraduate majors in Chinese International Education, Thai and Vietnamese, two majors for master’s degrees in both International Education of Chinese Language and Culture (academic) and Chinese International Education (professional). Based on personal interest and professional ability, foreign students can freely choose courses to study, such as different levels of Chinese courses for non-academic education, including introductory, primary, intermediate and senior courses, or academic education, including upgrading from junior college student to university student and four years’ undergraduate education, or master’s majors, including International Education of Chinese Language and Culture, and Chinese International Education. Every year, about 1,200 Chinese and foreign students are admitted into the school.

The school has a pioneering and innovative teaching and management team with advanced management concept, rigorous and pragmatic work. It has 33 faculty members, including 3 professors, 4 associate professors, 13 full-time and part-time master supervisors, 12 teachers with doctoral degrees and 6 PhD candidates, and more than 90% of full-time teachers have studied and taught abroad. In addition, more than 30 part-time teachers in Chinese international education and foreign languages have long been engaged.

Adhering to educational philosophy of global enrollment, world civilization exchanges, the integration of Sino-foreign resources, and the cultivation of new international talents, the school takes an active part in foreign exchanges and cooperation. Every year, the school carries out cooperation programs, exchanging students and teaching staffs with foreign universities, and various short-term training courses with foreign educational institutions.

Welcome students both at home and abroad to study at the School of International Education of Nanning Normal University!

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Teaching   Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

International Education of Chinese language and culture

Teaching   Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

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