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The School of Mathematics and Statistics is one of the earliest departments established by Nanning Normal University, and can be traced back to the mathematics discipline of Guangxi Teachers' College of Continuing Education, which was established in 1953. In the past 68 years, the college has experienced the development of Mathematics Department, Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Mathematics Science College and Mathematics and Statistics College, and trained nearly 10,000 high-quality teachers and other professionals for the society.

The School has developed four teaching institutions: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Department, Statistics and Financial Mathematics Department, Public Mathematics Department and Mathematics Education Department. The college has the only mathematics academician workstation, the high-level innovation team, the mathematics teaching theory teaching team of teacher education discipline. It has Key Laboratory of Human-Computer Interaction and Intelligent Decision-making,  Key Laboratory of Data Science, Autonomous Region Postgraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Joint Training Base, and Autonomous Region Experimental Teaching Demonstration Construction Center-Scientific Computing and Mathematical Modeling Experimental Teaching Center.

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics were approved as the national first-class undergraduate construction site in 2020, applied statistics was approved as the autonomous region-level first-class undergraduate construction site in 2019, and won the construction project of characteristic specialty and experimental training teaching base (center) in Guangxi undergraduate universities (2018). Mathematics is a supporting discipline for the construction of doctoral programs in the autonomous region (2018), applied mathematics is a key discipline in Guangxi (2013), applied statistics is a characteristic major in Guangxi universities (2014), and it has been established as a characteristic major and curriculum integration project in Guangxi universities (2011). Mathematics and applied mathematics are high-quality majors in Guangxi universities (2006). The college has the first-class undergraduate course "Mathematics Teaching Design and Case Analysis" at the autonomous region level and three excellent courses "Algebra", "Mathematical Modeling" and "Mathematics Teaching Theory" in Guangxi universities. In 2003, "Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics for Liberal Arts (B)-Mathematical Thoughts and Methods" won the first prize of excellent teaching materials in Guangxi universities and the project of "Series Teaching Materials for National Normal Universities in the 21st Century" by the Ministry of Education.

The school has three full-time undergraduate majors: mathematics and applied mathematics, applied statistics and financial mathematics. The college began to recruit master's degree students in 2004, and now has a master's degree authorization point for the first-class discipline of mathematics and a master's degree authorization point for discipline teaching (mathematics) education. At present, there are nearly 1,200 students in school, including nearly 1,100 full-time undergraduate students and nearly 100 master students.

The school attaches great importance to the construction of teaching staff, and strives to build a teaching staff with reasonable structure and excellent quality. There are 46 full-time teachers, including 30 senior titles and 24 doctoral degrees or above; 5 doctoral supervisors; Guo Bailing Distinguished Professor is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a member of the Advisory Group of Academicians of the Chairman of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; There is one outstanding instructor in the National Mathematical Modeling Competition for College Students, one outstanding scholar in Guangxi colleges and universities, one "Hundred Talents Program" for introducing overseas high-level talents in Guangxi colleges and universities, one outstanding party member title of the Education Working Committee of Guangxi Autonomous Region Party Committee, and four sponsors of the training program for thousands of young and middle-aged backbone teachers in Guangxi colleges and universities. He won 4 second prizes and 3 third prizes of Guangxi Science and Technology Progress Award, and 4 first prizes, 2 second prizes and 3 third prizes of teaching achievements in Guangxi higher education autonomous region.

Relying on the advantages of the school, the school gives full play to its discipline influence, builds a good scientific research platform, carries out various foreign academic exchange activities, supports teachers to participate in various academic exchange activities, and establishes good cooperation and exchanges with universities and institutions in the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.


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Mathematics and Applied   Mathematics

( fnormal education)

Fundamental Mathematics

Discipline Teaching (Mathematics)

Applied Statistics

Computing Mathematics

Financial Mathematics

Probability Theory and   Mathematical Statistics

Applied Mathematics


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